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Community Hearing Services

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I met Walter through the Rotary Club of Akron, and immediately found him to be an engaging individual and professional.


I was struggling with hearing at the time, and we have since enjoyed a long relationship.


Even though my office was transferred from Akron to Cleveland, Walter's caring nature and our strong professional bond has kept me a patient of his. It is well worth the drive. 


- Bob


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If I had a hearing loss, wouldn't my family doctor have told me?

Not necessarily! Only 13% of physicians routinely screen for hearing loss during a physical. Since most people with hearing impairments hear well in a quiet environment like a doctor’s office, it can be virtually impossible for your physician to recognize the extent of your problem. Without special training and an understanding of the nature of hearing loss, it may be difficult for your doctor to even realize you have a hearing problem.

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What are some common signs of hearing loss?

    • Not being able to hear children
    • Struggling in a new environment
    • You think everyone is mumbling
    • You can’t understand anyone in a noisy environment
    • You ask people to repeat themselves continually

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What is the technical term for a ringing sound in my ears?

It's called tinnitus. For more information about this common problem, click here.

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When should I consider hearing aids?

Use the TV test. Your first true hearing test is the volume you put on your TV. So if people are complaining that it is too loud for them, you should probably consider coming in for an evaluation.

Another indication is your frustration level when in group situations - it's time to act if you are frustrated because you can't understand what your family and friends are saying and you feel left out and isolated.

You should take action not when someone else is telling you that you have to, but when you personally want to interact socially without the frustration of a hearing deficit.

When you are ready to be tested, contact us at 330-896-9119 or send an email to schedule an evaluation—this is an important first step towards regaining control of your life and overcoming hearing loss.

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What are the different kinds of hearing aids?

There are hearing aids for every kind of need:

Hearing Aids

  1. Behind the ear - The world’s most common hearing aid style, these are ideal for those with moderate to severe hearing loss. Available in standard, mini or power as well as assorted colors.

  2. Receiver-In-Canal – A small, discreet and quick-to-fit piece. Perfect for first-time hearing aid wearers.

  3. Tinnitus – Ideal for tinnitus sufferers, this device specializes in providing relief from ringing in the ears.

  4. Made for iPhone - Stream from your iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® directly to your hearing aids using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology.

  5. Invisible – Rests in the second bend of the ear canal where no one can see them.

  6. In-The-Ear – Custom hearing aid that fits within the outer portion of the ear.

  7. In-The-Canal – A custom hearing aid that fits in the ear canal. A smaller portion shows in outer ear.

  8. Completely-In-Canal – Only the tiny removal handle of the hearing aid shows outside of the ear canal.

  9. Hearing Amplifiers – A good start for those not ready for hearing aids.

For more specific information about these hearing aids, click here.

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How do I know which hearing aid is best for me?

We want you to feel confident that you have the best hearing aid for you. We will start with a hearing test to evaluate the type and severity of hearing loss to narrow down what device will meet your medical needs. Then we will discuss your lifestyle and personal preferences to narrow it down further. Finally, we will test some out to see which ones feel most comfortable. Then you'll be given a 30-day free trial so you can see how they feel when you wear them constantly.

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What if I’m unsatisfied?

There’s always a 30 day trial period in which you can return them and we can see what would better suit your needs.

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Does Medicare/Medicaid pay for hearing aids? How about insurance?

Medicare does not cover hearing aids. Medicaid covers one hearing aid every four years. If you have insurance, we will contact them to identify what is covered under your specific plan. Veterans may be eligible for special assistance, so be sure to tell us if you have served our country. For information on financial assistance that might be available to you, click here.

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What if I can’t pay for a hearing aid in full?

Community Hearing Services accepts 90 days same as cash. We are always willing to work with you and determine an affordable monthly payment plan. We try not to turn anybody away.

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