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Having "The Talk" with Your Loved One

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Happy Hearing

Thanks to Walter and Community Hearing Services, my friends and family no longer have to repeat themselves two or three times before I could understand them.  I only wish I had gone to Walter sooner. 

- George




Living with Someone You Love who has hearing lossLoving someone with a hearing problem can be frustrating at times. You are frequently asked to repeat yourself or are often ignored. And the television can be so loud that it makes your own ears ring.

Of course, it's harder on them. Because they miss so much of a conversation, they feel left out and isolated. They can miss important information when talking to their doctors, often nodding their heads to avoid embarrassment. Hearing truly does impact their quality of life.

If you've discussed this with them several times and they still have not done anything to improve their situation, it's time to have "the talk." We've done the research and have put everything together for you on one page to walk you through the process.

Your Guide to Better Hearing is an excellent resource to read before you begin and can provide you back-up when you need it. You can download it here.

The Setting

Invite others to join the conversation. Remind everyone that there are two goals: 1) acknowledgment of the problem and 2) action to correct it.

Make sure you are in a quiet setting with nothing interfering with your focus. Everyone's attention should be on addressing the issue.

Be prepared. Practice with others. Have a laptop or iPad with you so you can show them the resources and pictures you have found. If this is not possible, download our cheat sheet.

Start with Your Concerns

"I am concerned that you aren't hearing as well as you used to" is always a great way to begin.

Then list the things you've noticed recently. Give specific examples:

  • You keep asking us to repeat things.
  • I ask you questions and you don't answer.
  • I say something to you, and you respond with something totally different.
  • You don't hear the telephone or door bell.
  • The television is way too loud.

There is no blame, and if they start to defend themselves, don't interrupt them or get into a deep conversation. Simply reply "I understand. But I love you, and I want you to be able to hear. It's affecting your quality of life and can affect your safety."

Having the TalkTake the Stigma Away

There could be many things causing this. It could be side effects of their medicine. It could be something as minor as wax in their ears. Or it could be just a part of getting old ... "which is OK, because I want you around for a very long time."

Address Their Fears

    • "I'm not that old!" You don't have to be old to have hearing problems. 18% of adults under 65 have hearing problems.

    • "It will make me look old!" Hearing aids are practically invisible ... show a picture!

    • "It's not that bad right now!" If it's bad enough for other people to notice, it's important to be tested right away. Hearing loss is cumulative, which means it will not get better without intervention AND it will most probably get much, much worse.

    • "I can't afford it!" It doesn't cost anything to make an appointment and find out what's going on. If hearing aids are recommended, Community Hearing Services will work with your insurance company or Medicaid and can set up affordable payment plans. Veterans may be eligible for special assistance, so be sure to tell us your veteran status during your visit. There are also many opportunities for financial assistance.

Get Agreement

Remember that the focus must be on THEIR quality of life and safety. They have to acknowledge that there is an issue and it won't go away unless they see a hearing professional.

Take Immediate Action

Talking about Hearing LossTell them you want them to see a certified audiologist so they can get their hearing tested. It's time to find out what's going on.

Show them the Community Hearing Services website so they feel comfortable with Walt's credentials and his philosophy of "service above everything."

Schedule an appointment right then: call 330-896-9119 or send an email.

Need More?

Invite them to check out our YouTube videos, info about hearing loss and tinnitus, and other resources. We also recommend Your Guide to Better Hearing, which is quite comprehensive and answers a lot of questions. Give them a week and then address the issue again.

Feel free to call our office at 330-896-9119 and ask to talk to Walt about your loved ones' specific objections.

Have patience! You will get there.



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